About The Designer

Yumnah Najah launched her jewelry line, Yumnah Najah Designs, at a mere 17 years young in November of 2010. After graduating High School a year early so that she could be free to create, Yumnah spent the summer developing a line that could fuse her love of both painting and bold, bright accessories.

Yumnah Najah Designs is Yumnahs way of making art practical. Her first few designs were inspired by her most popular paintings. The jewelry line's signature is bold, yet soft, "eye-grabbing" pieces inspired by feminine prints and patterns. Her aim is to inspire the every day woman to add a splash of spunk to her "beauty story", while still exuding comfort and confidence.

The Mission

Confidence. That simple word with the sublime power to transform. We all dream of the day when we can look at ourselves and feel that there is nothing that needs to be changed and we are content with who we are. At that moment, you are standing in power englufed by the love you've developed for yourself. Feeling content even in solitude.

The journey towards self love and acceptance is something that we all must embark upon. It allows to venture away from our comfort zone. It invites us to new joyful, gorgeous discoveries about the person in the mirror...join me.

That is the essence of Yumnah Najah Designs. Wearable art that illuminates your bold and daring side Encouraging you to embrace every stroke of who you are...so you can become the masterpiece you are destined to be.

Yumnah Najah Designs. Become the masterpiece.™

Whats New?

I launched Yumnah Najah Designs at 17! I'm beyond thankful for all of the people, experiences and opportunities that launching YND brought into my life at such a young age - and I'm excited to move forward and embrace what's next. Starting YND so young gave me the opportunity to grow immensely as an artist and designer. But most importantly, it allowed me to push beyond my comfort zone as an entrepreneur and get in touch with who I am at my core. The lessons I've learned (and am still learning) are ones that I carry with me in every aspect of my life. Thank You Thank You Thank You to everyone who's pushed me and supported me in this mission to bring beauty, love & a splash of color to people through my art. Your support is crucial as I work on my next venture. Although we will no longer accept online jewelry orders, you are encouraged to pick up our pieces in select shops in Brooklyn, Philly and California while supplies last. Please stay abreast of what's next for me and my creative team by following me on IG @YNDesigns.

You all gave a 17 year old girl the courage to dream big and because of you - now I'm dreaming even bigger <3

Stay tuned.

With Love & Gratitude.